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Owner Surrender


We understand the hard decision it is to surrender a pet. We make no judgements on your reason for surrender and try to make the process as easy for you as possible. We also do our best to make your pet's transition as smooth as we can until a new, loving home is found. Below, we briefly describe the surrender process. RAR does our best to respond within 24-48 hours of an owner submitting the Owner Surrender Form.

Acceptance of Your Animal

Please keep in mind that submitting the Owner Surrender Form is not a guarantee that your animal will be accepted by RAR. Acceptance depends on several factors, including:

Owner Surrender Process

RAR follows the steps below.

  1. You complete and submit the Owner Surrender Form.
  2. Once RAR receives the form, we will review the information you provided on the form.
  3. A RAR representative will contact you to talk about your pet.
  4. The RAR representative will work with you to set a date to meet your pet. (If the pet you are surrendering is a dog, the RAR representative will evaluate the dog's temperament at that meeting.)
  5. RAR will then determine if a suitable foster family is available with information obtained.
  6. When a foster home is found, you will sign the RAR Owner Surrender Agreement in which you relinquish legal ownership of the animal and transfer that ownership to RAR.
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